About Us

FS 24/7 was started when we found businesses needed responsible, reliable smart hands support for their networks as a White Label service. We built our business in the Midwest and have grown to become a company supporting corporations with operations across the United States and Canada.


“Your Success is Our Success.” This motto is the backbone of our company. Our primary goal at FS 24/7 is to provide a solid and proven network of fully-qualified local technicians that will help you – our client – deliver on your own national IT initiatives.  We deliver this through a remote support program that is streamlined specifically to your needs, helping you control non-revenue enhancing IT expenses.

A service-first organization

FS 24/7 operates with a service infrastructure across the USA and Canada comprised of three main elements:

  • Highly-skilled technical support field personnel.
  • A cost-effective field service model with a national coverage area.
  • A flexible and responsive single-point dispatch capability.

You're in complete control

When you need our service for installation, maintenance, vendor meeting, troubleshooting, etc., you simply make one call and we will schedule the appropriate technician to respond to your need. Upon arrival, our technician will perform the exact services you requested, confirm your needs have been fully addressed, and provide all requested deliverables. Simple, clean, cost-effective!